Reschenthaler Criticizes Partisan Showmanship During Whitaker Hearing

February 8, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14) criticized the partisan showmanship that dominated much of the Democratic questioning of Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker during today’s hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.  The hearing, which was billed as an opportunity for members to hear more about the important work being done at the Department of Justice, was instead used by Democratic members of the committee to assassinate Mr. Whitaker’s character and make partisan allegations.

“In Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s own words, this hearing was intended to ‘conduct oversight of the Department and address topics including immigration, the Violence Against Women Act, and National Security,’” said Reschenthaler. “These are critically important issues that affect my constituents and millions of Americans every day. These issues are matters of life and death, and I am disappointed that my Democratic colleagues instead chose to focus solely on the Mueller Investigation.”

Rather than resorting to political grandstanding, Reschenthaler asked Acting AG Whitaker about the Department of Justice’s efforts to combat sanctuary cities like Philadelphia, which released at least three child molesters back onto the streets, and San Francisco, which released an illegal alien convicted of numerous felonies who then went on to murder 32-year-old Kate Steinle.

Further, Reschenthaler focused on the important work being done at the Department of Justice to combat the opioid crisis and stop the flow of deadly drugs like fentanyl into the United States. Fayette County alone saw an 88 percent increase in overdose deaths from 2015 to 2017. Data from 2017 also shows that it is now more likely someone will die from a drug overdose than a car crash.  

“I hoped that my friends across the aisle would use this opportunity for more bipartisanship and less showmanship,” concluded Reschenthaler. “Clearly, I was wrong.”

To watch the clip from today’s hearing, please click here