November 06, 2021

Reschenthaler Opposes First Vote in Democrats’ Socialist Spending Spree

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Friday, Congressman Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14) released the following statement on his vote opposing the first step in Democrats' Socialist Spending Spree.

"Tonight's vote was nothing more than an attempt by Speaker Pelosi to pave the way for Democrats' socialist tax and spending spree that is estimated to cost as much as $3.98 trillion. While American families face record-high inflation rates and businesses can't find workers, Democrats prioritize woke policies that will only make things worse.

"I strongly support investment in our nation's physical infrastructure, including upgrading our aging locks and dams, and believe we must reform our burdensome permitting process. Unfortunately, it is shameful that Democrats used a bipartisan issue to advance their radical, socialist goals."